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Easy and Affordable Tactics For Your Restaurant to Attract Local Customers

Not everyone knows just how good your food is, sometimes you need to do a little extra promotion to attract more customers to your restaurant. Once they're inside and trying your food, they'll keep coming back time and time again.

1. Promote Your Latest Customer Reviews on Facebook

Making customer reviews more accessible by incorporating them into your advertising and promotions is a great way to spread brand awareness and show off your restaurant's excellent local reputation.

2. Use Facebook Ads

Utilising local SEO is key. There should be a direct correlation in the searcher’s mind between their search term and your restaurant. The ultimate goal for any campaign is if someone offline asks a friend for a restaurant recommendation, you want your name to come up. Having Facebook ads running at all times can dramatically increase the chances of reaching this goal.

facebook ads for restaurant promotion

3. Special Promotions

Restaurants looking to generate new leads should consider offering potential customers a free starter or desert for their first visit, or special promotions to existing customers you wish to retain.

4. Leverage Call-Only Ads

Call-only ads appear on mobile devices that can make phone calls. All clicks on these ads send potential customers to call you from their smartphones. Be sure to include excellent ad copy which clearly displays what your restaurant can offer.

5. Wikipedia Can Help!

A great way to improve the relevance of the content on your website is by linking out from your site to other trusted websites like Wikipedia. Linking out to relevant local information is crucial for Google to understand what your page is associated with locally. To come up with locally relevant ideas, search for ‘area + Wikipedia’. The results should be discussed on your website.

6. Get Involved in Community Activities

Local events or sponsorships allow companies to build personal relationships with communities and customers, as well as business relationships with other local companies. In addition, you can make your space available to other businesses to hire for events, try websites like hirespace.com or eventup.com.

local events for restaurant promotion

7. Google AdWords

Take advantage of the radius targeting feature, along with location bid adjustments in AdWords. Your campaign should have targeting that directly correlates to the probability of a consumer visiting your store based on their location.

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