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How to Fill Your Gym Events

In business, like in sport, staying ahead of the competition is important. You want your business to be the best. The key to success is being dynamic, innovative: do something that others are not currently doing and place yourself at the top. Our previous fitness blog discussed how hosting gym events is such a great way to boost your business; let's look at some ideas on how to make those events a huge success.

1. Think about your customers

This is always rule #1 when you're running a business: think about a product your customer base wants to buy. Similarly, finding the right idea for your gym event will constitute a vital part of its success. What does your typical customer want – to get friends and family involved in a bit of friendly competition? A relaxed night out at the pub with the gym buddies? A fitness weekend away to escape the stress of everyday life? Whatever you go for, make sure it is right for your business, meets your customers' needs and is in line with your objectives. Hosting a marathon, for instance, is great to make your business known in the local community, but a social activity for your membership is better is you're looking to increase loyalty within your existing customer base.

gym events direction
Make sure you're going in the right direction with your gym events by listening to your customers


2. Go for novelty

Go ahead, be daring, mix it up! Gym events are a great chance for you to showcase and test. Offering a new class as a one-off event is very likely to excite your customers' curiosity, and gives you the opportunity to see what the response is like. You may want to ride on the wave of that latest fitness trend that everyone is talking about but no one else in your area has on offer yet, or just try out that new idea that you've been mulling over for a while. Novelty creates excitement, and that's the key to your event being a success!

events 3
Gym events are a great way to test new ideas!


3. Look for cross-promotion opportunities

Gym events are a really great method to make your business known, increase its value within the local community and attract new customers. They are also a brilliant way to network with other businesses as well. Think about a business in your local community which has similar values and objectives as you. It could be the sport equipment shop in town, that lovely independent café round the corner that specialises in the latest food trends, a local sports club, a charity... plenty of opportunities for you to make your brand known to their customer base – for free!

fill your gym events...cross networking
Cross marketing is a great way to meet members of your local community and boost your business


4. Social media (obvs!)

Social media offers the perfect opportunity to advertise your event, create a “buzz”, get people engaged before the event has even started. Use Instagram to show people what your gym event might look like, to get them involved with the “behind the scenes” and to get them to spread the word for you. Post on social media during the event to build up interest should you wish to make it a regular thing.  Check out our article that covers things you should know about social media!

Use social media to promote your gym events
Use social media to create a buzz around your gym events

5. Build on existing trends

Everyone wants to get in shape after New Year, or before the summer, right? But that's hard to do without the right support network. So, why not provide that network for your customers? Launching an inclusive and friendly “fitness challenge” that offers a way of interacting with others (jogging groups, bootcamps, social media groups to talk and keep motivated) could be exactly what sets you apart from the competition and make your new customers stick with you.

If that sounds like too much hassle for you, why not organise one-off events that link in with a major event (Tour de France, Olympics, someone breaking a fitness-related world record...). Ride the hype and make yourself stand out!

Fill your events by leveraging existing trends and popular topics
You can build on existing trends to make your gym event more popular!

In conclusion

Gym events can be very beneficial to your business, as they offer a great opportunity to generate brand awareness, create added value for your existing customers and help you grow your customer base. This could translate in boosted revenue for your gym at the end of the year, and with very little hassle too! There are lots of ways you could effectively promote your event while keeping costs down. The key to success is tailoring your event to your business's needs and to your customers' needs.

If you would like more ideas on how to grow your revenue, why not get in touch with us? In the meantime check us out on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn and Twitter for more great content.

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