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Fitness trends you could be missing out on in 2018

By Jazz

It’s not enough to just look good physically anymore. People want to know that you’re good on the inside as well. Doing the right exercises, eating the right foods, supporting the right causes, these are all really important. Here, we’ll look at some of the fitness trends coming in 2018 that your gym needs to get on board with.

Your studio/gym needs to reflect your values and your brand. This means it has to be great on the outside and the inside, too. How do you ensure that your workout space looks good, feels good and really connects with your target market?

Make the most of social media

We know by now that social media has a massive impact on the reputation and success of modern businesses. You probably already use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to keep your consumers up-to-date with what you’re doing, and any promotions or class spaces coming up. But did you know that you can also use these things as a booking system? People can sign up to classes or grab last-minute spaces from a channel they’re already following you on. Booking and paying for things is an area where customers expect ease and speed. Social booking allows you to meet that need with barely any extra effort on you part.

This helps promote engagement amongst your existing members and can be a “carrot” to pull in potential customers. They’ll see how easy it is to be part of your gym/studio and want that level of care and simplicity for themselves.

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Make things easy in the gym

With more and more businesses going contactless in the modern world, consumers are beginning to resent carrying cash. What if you forget your pound coin for the locker? What if you want a snack/drink from the vending machine - where will you put your money while you exercise?

People are using their smartphones as entertainment systems (music, audiobooks etc) to distract them while they workout. Phones and “wearables” (iWatch, fitbit etc) are used to monitor performance and track progress. Why not take advantage of the fact that many of these also operate as e-wallets? Optimise your gym so that people can use them to pay for things around the site, such as lockers, vending machines, weighing machines, or even classes at self-service booking machines!

Personalise the experience

Technology allows us to monitor and respond to people’s preferences. We know what they like, so we can ensure we only give them information that they want. This means that they’re more likely to actually look at messages that they receive and boosts their engagement. Email marketing and push notifications are easy ways to get information to the people that want it. For example people can opt to receive emails specifically related to nutrition, or crossfit/yoga sessions at the gym. Knowing that they won’t be bombarded with things they don’t want gives them the confidence to subscribe to the parts they DO want.

Speaking of what people want, how can we make sure we’re keeping people happy? Having easy options for feedback is a great way to find out what customers need. People are leading busier lives than ever before - do you cater for that? What early morning/late night classes do you offer? Have you considered short sessions for lunchtime gym-users?

Final thoughts

Let’s be honest, there’s masses of room for improvement in the gym industry. From dirty communal areas and cramped lockers to sweaty equipment and queues for the rowing machine, things could be better. We’ve all been in mouldy shower cubicles after classes that we struggled to book. So, make the most of having your audience at the other end of the (smart)phone and let’s clean up the customer experience from beginning to end.

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