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Essential Marketing Tips For Gym Owners Everywhere

Marketing Tips for Gym Owners

Mòr have an abundance of experience both inside and outside gyms. Our team have been involved in the digital expansion of a leading global gym and are now focussing on SME gyms.We like small gyms to succeed. Here are some essential marketing tips for gym owners everywhere:

1. Offer a Free Pass or Personal Training Session

The number one way to get new members is to give them a free trial or personal training session. Your website and marketing material should be geared towards this.

Potential members want to spend some time trying out the equipment, meeting some of the staff and members and getting a feel for the gym before they join.

Many gyms charge ridiculous prices for first time casual visits and don’t offer free trial passes. This is a great way to lose potential members and leave them with a lasting negative impression.

When someone makes an enquiry at your gym, get their email address, offer them a free pass or personal training session, depending on the type of enquiry, to allow them to try out the facilities including group classes, with no obligation to sign up.

2. Referral Program

One of our best marketing tips for gym owners is a member referral program. It is a powerful strategy to attract new members to your gym.The key is that the reward must be easy to achieve otherwise, people won’t participate.

Send out free pass cards online or through the post, along with a letter outlining the terms of the member referral program along with the benefits. This gives members the opportunity to easily hand out the free cards to their friends and family.

You can also create a ‘Refer a Friend’ form on your website and Facebook page.The member simply enters their details in the form along with the names and email addresses of the friends and family that they want to refer.

marketing gym owners referral program to attract new gym members

3. Invest in a Modern Website

Having a strong digital presence is essential for any small business. If your website is old, boring and outdated then people will assume that your gym is the same. Ultimately, your website is your customer’s primary source of information on your brand values, products and services. It’s important to include the following on your website:

  • Focus on branding and colours
  • High-quality imagery
  • Opt-in form on the homepage offering a free pass or free personal trainer session
  • List your key fitness programs and descriptions for each, and a group fitness timetable.
  • Contact Page with phone number, email address, contact form and map so people can easily find you

4. Social Media

Facebook is a highly effective way of generating new members, adding value to current members and increasing membership retention. Instagram is spurring a huge shift in the fitness world, with more and more gym fanatics sharing photos with their followers. Twitter is an effective way for fitness-related businesses to engage, attract, and grow their client base.

marketing gym owners encourage social media use to increase membership

5. Encourage Staff and Member Interaction

Members love feeling like they are part of a gym and staff interaction is a key to ensure they feel connected. Train all staff to greet each customer with a smile, if possible by name, and with a genuine compliment or question. Or consider automated emails, so that one is sent when a member has been absent for a period of time. Personal attention is a big reason why people choose an independent over a chain.

6. Weekly Fitness Tips

A great website and social media pages can be used to provide some regular fitness tips and information for your members. This information can be a great way to keep in touch with members, add value and maintain motivation.

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