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The importance of quality time, and why we created Mòr.

I am often asked why we set up Mòr.

I am a pictures person, I know why Mòr was started 3 years ago; I know exactly why Hitchin was chosen, but I have found it very difficult to articulate. It's never as simple as making money because there are definitely much easier ways to make money than starting your own business. Also, money has never been a great motivator - if you see my car, the two jumpers I wear on rotation through the winter that I swap with two t-shirts in the summer, you will see what I mean. I need to do something with more purpose, and with like-minded people.  Recently with a little more time on my side and space to reflect with the team, we have realised (and thus verbalised) why we do what we do:

“Mòr exists to simplify and improve experiences so that people have more quality time.”

Where we mention “people”, we mean anyone and everyone who interacts with us, so our clients, the customers of our clients, our families and our team. Where we mention "quality" we mean better, more enjoyable or improved experiences. I want people to enjoy working with us. I want people to enjoy working for us and I want the work we do to make peoples experiences and hopefully lives a little better. 

Mòr, delivering on our values and based in Hitchin.

Simplify and improve experiences - Mòr logo

We live and breathe quality time in the office. We set the office up in Hitchin, just outside of London. My commute to work is around 45 seconds to 1 minute depending on whether I have to stop at the pelican crossing or not.

The longest commute to the office is currently 15 minutes. We are 23 minutes from Kings Cross by fast train and only 35 minutes from Cambridge.

We set up like this for a reason. So we can focus more on the work, more on our friends and spend less time commuting. It also saves us 5-10X on London rents.

We are an ambitious agency. We want to be the best we can be and compete on the same field as agencies in London, across the UK and globally. At the time of writing, we have customers in the UK, USA, Spain, Italy, South Africa and Singapore. 

We are building our processes, evolving as an agency and we use benchmarks to regularly check our progress. We always question if we are better today than we were yesterday. Are we providing better experiences for our customers? How are we helping them provide better experiences for their customers? Are we providing a great experience for our own team?

Here are some ways we are delivering on our values.

Our Clients

Processes and interactions at Mòr are simple and effective. Mark, our operations director makes client-focused processes that save time and effort for all. Which gives us more time to be creative and focus on helping our clients set and hit their targets. We like to think we are fun to work with too.

Wasted time is something we minimise as much as possible. If we aren’t experts in something we will either get people in who are, or be upfront and say. We are honest and our integrity is important to us. We grow our client base through word of mouth, getting great results for our clients and being professional and fun. We don’t have time for anything that can damage our reputation or be against our values. Everything we do is centred around our values, a customer goal or measurement, or improving what we do.

Our senior team are great at what they do and work quickly with intuition and skill in order to deliver the best experiences we can. We test and measure our ideas. We sometimes make mistakes:  if there is a bump in the road, we learn and move on. We make sure we are optimising our processes to improve everyone's experience along the way.

The Customers of Our Clients

We make things easier to use for the customers of our clients. This is our work. We help define target user experiences both on and offline so our clients know how to better serve their customers which drives better results for them.

We do this through a combination of:

Strategy - The experience of a customer is key. Defining what the optimal or target customer experience should be for that person on that journey is vital. It could be something as seemingly straightforward as buying a train ticket online to getting better access to the content a client provides. We are passionate about helping our clients deliver better products and experiences for their customers and potential customers. We will often leverage new technology that we can use to improve this experience.

Design & Build - We design and build websites and applications that are improving the quality of people’s time by being easier to use, better to use or just more fun. 

Marketing - We create content that the customers of our customers want/need. This helps them come to the correct decision at the correct time. We aim to offer value to people researching a topic, and hopefully, if they need services delivered by an agency then we want to be their number one choice.

Product - We have developed two products that will improve the experiences of gym owners, gym goers and train travellers. We hope to release these in 2018 and our focus on development has been providing a better experience at every touch point of the product.

The Mòr Team

Mòr hires smart people who prefer to travel to London on their own terms. We believe in flexible working practices and working from home is encouraged. We're great at communicating over distance often using tools like Skype, Slack and Trello. This also puts us in a good position to work with our global partners.

To cut a long story short...

The team work hard but we also work smart. We use technology, systems and processes geared up to save time and work not only in the office but remotely.

We travel off-peak, if possible, so can work on the train and save some cash, the office is people and dog-friendly. This allows us to get more time with our children, partners, dogs, horses (although the office is not quite horse friendly), bicycles and audio books. I’m currently getting through 2-3 books a month (Audiobooks @ 1.5x listening speed for you audiobook geeks out there) without sacrificing time for the kids, family, CrossFit and the HMRC…

We hire great people, some are mums with a wealth of experience, who don’t want to work back in the city and want to optimise time with their families. Some are industry veterans who love London but also love getting out of it. We hire people who are amazing at what they already do but love learning new things. We hire people who believe in our values, and we're happiest when our clients believe in the same values as we do.

Time is so important and, as it turns out, is the most valuable thing to me and the team. We only get a few spins around the sun, it is our mission to make them as good as they can be.

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