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YOU NEED PR! Here're 3 reasons why.

By Jazz

We’ve mentioned it on our Instagram page so many times, but never explicitly spelled it out here. You can have the best product/service in the whole world, but NO ONE will buy it if they don’t know about it. To create brand awareness and succeed long-term, you need to get people talking. About you.

Mòr has been working closely with other marketing agencies, PR agencies, and clients and come to the conclusion that PR and marketing are so intrinsically linked that they should really come under the same budget.
Thanks to a history of PR being linked to “prestige” or perceived as a luxury, many businesses incorrectly assume that a) PR is expensive and b) PR is unnecessary.

Bill Gates once famously said “If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on public relations” and, to put it bluntly, we think that'd be a dollar well-spent.

Here, we’ll look at three reasons that you should invest in PR, whether you choose to have an agency handle it for you, or run it yourself through on online PR Platform.

1 It builds awareness in a genuine way

PR allows businesses to get their name into the public eye in an authentic manner. It’s a more gentle approach to building a solid reputation than marketing, and focuses on your company as opposed to on your product/service.

It can be up to 3x more effective than marketing through advertising and this is because it seems to come from a more trustworthy source than if the information came directly from your brand and promoted the sale of goods. Generally, advertising will say “My cakes are the best!” Whereas PR is more “I’ve been to all the cake-shops and this person is the best baker”. In a world where we focus so heavily on reviews, feedback and external information, advertising alone just doesn’t hit the mark anymore.

This external review approach builds credibility and trust in your brand and creates desirability for your services.

1920x1280 Here We Are
Get noticed. The only way that people can use your products/services is if they know you exist.


2 It lets you tell your story

Following the “focus on your business rather than your products” part of the previous point, PR provides an opportunity for you to showcase what makes your company special. In this, we’re not looking at the “USP” that marketing will tell you to focus on, rather what brings your brand to life. What are the histories, morals and values that have shaped who you are as a company and how you conduct business?

Building this understanding about your background, experiences and journey will lead to a deeper connection with your target market and do even more to build that all-important trust. Plus, a good story is easy to remember and more likely to be shared. Don’t believe me? I shan’t go into the details here, but check out Innocent’s start-up story (if you don’t already know “the one about the bin”) - chances are, you’ll remember it years from now and understand more about the brand. And a story shared is a marketing/PR job done well.

735x490 I never knew that!
 Telling your story in an engaging way is great for getting people talking about you and making sure they remember your brand.


3 It makes you more attractive

To investors. To potential employees. Even to existing employees.

PR gets you noticed by those that aren’t already in the know (such as investors and jobseekers) but also has the power to boost morale amongst current workers. Use PR to promote yourself as an expert in your industry, a thought-leader in your field, a paragon of eco-friendliness in a plastic-ridden world - whatever your niche, you’ll find that people want to be involved with what you do and you create a sense of pride in your employees.

1920x640 Scrabble Attract
PR can help make your brand more attractive to everybody: investors, potential employees AND existing ones.


Businesses now face competition on a global level, as well as from local companies and using PR can help to ensure that your messages are not getting lost in the "background noise" of modern-day advertising.  Stand out. Get noticed. Help yourself to be more. 

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